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"There's real musicality at the heart of Mamet's work… A serious artist addressing
important compositions [with] a silvery touch, a polished delivery and a fluency of expression."
                        -Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune

"Vibrant, sparkling…swinging, sublime"

“A tour-de-force display of
musicianship… Mamet is on fire!"
                         -All About Jazz

“In a family of artists, Bob Mamet is The Natural.”
                          -Chicago Sun Times

“ It’s a case of following in the footsteps of the best; Mamet is a masterful pianist and melody maker.”
                          -iTunes Review

“Bob Mamet’s true love for Jazz is evident on every track.”
                          -San Francisco Chronicle

“This album was done with a purpose in mind—to please the listener with excellent music and unquestioned musicianship—and to that end, it’s quite successful: a chart-topping CD for sure.”
                           -Ed Blanco, Radio host WDNA Miami, writing for E-Jazz News

“Touching all the bases [Mamet] swings with joyful abandon. While Mamet may evoke other players (Gene Harris often comes to mind) his resonant tunes have an immediacy all their own.”
                            -Icon Magazine

“Mamet has a reputation as a masterful and melodic player and composer and this talent is clearly on display here. Mamet's songs are crafted with the care and skill of an expert.”
                            -Jazz Chicago

The London House lives on in memory, thanks to the music made there and presented here in Bob Mamet’s heartfelt reconstructions.
                         -Neil Tesser, 2013 Grammy winning Jazz author, from his liner notes


Someday My Prince Will Come

Cats on the Roof

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