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Live at the Jazz Showcase


The Bob Mamet Trio performing at the Legendary

Jazz Showcase in Chicago, with Larry Gray on bass, and Charles "Rick" Heath on drums. Here the Trio perform Bob's composition Until Morning. In his review of the concert for the Chicago Tribune, Howard Reich wrote: "the piece captured the most appealing facet of Mamet's art: delicacy of tone and openly emotional melody-making."

Take the A Train


Bob Mamet Trio performing their Latin Jazz arrangement of the Duke Ellington classic Take the A Train.

Riverside Anthem


A montage created by a You Tube fan of Bob Mamet's

Riverside Anthem. The tune features Alex Acuna, Larry Carlton,

Richard Elliot, Jimmy Haslip, and William Kennedy.



Nardis by Miles Davis, performed by Bob Mamet, featuring Jimmy Haslip and William Kennedy from the Yellowjackets.

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